Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

22 June 2007

Fri 22 - Sydney's drought broken??

Hi there! No, I didn't fall off the earth or anything, I've been out in the country helping some family get back on their feet after their place got flooded. Boo for floods, my aunt and uncle thought their hobby farm was sufficiently far enough away from the river to not have to worry about floods but apparently they are not. Yay for hopefully the end of Sydney's 7 year drought, we've had 4 times the average rainfall this month and our dams have risen from 37% to 50% in just 3 weeks. We need some more as we usually get the most rain from January through June and then go leaner for the remaining months, but please God not all at once!

I got back earlier this afternoon and spent a totally delightful and relaxing 1.5 hours in my spa bath. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm no more freezing cold and being wet and muddy in the wind while we demolish half destroyed sheds, salvage what we can out the house, strip down and clean machinery, rebuild the barn, fix some of the fences and did I mention THE MUD!!!! We have the rels all set up in a caravan with generators and clean water while we wait for the old house to be demolished. Luckily it was a really old wooden house that they intended to demolish and rebuild next year so they just have to bring it forward a bit, though Uncle John is heading into town next week to get the plans changed to a raised dwelling. Last I heard he was rubbing his hands together about all the additional space they would have under the house; and my aunt was shooting down all his plans for a mini brewery and games room and workshop :-D

So once the plans are approved I guess I'll be spending a fair few weekends up there helping rebuild. Luckily one of my cousins is a builder so Uncle John can quite easily go the owner/builder route without much hassle and has quite an array of semi adept helpers. Yay for family!!

OH WOW! I checked out the preview for Sanctuary next Monday and it looks like it's going to be a great showdown!! Looking forward to seeing what happens. I'll see if I can knock together the synopsis for the last webisode over the weekend but I have heaps of housework to do so it's a definite maybe ;-)

Catcha ya later,

12 June 2007

TUE 12 - Sanctuary Webisode 3 Review

Here be spoilers, if you haven't seen it yet then bye bye!!

WooHoo! Sanctuary Rocks!
Yes, I was thoroughly impressed with the 3rd webisode of Sanctuary. We got to see more of what makes Helen and Ashley tick. We got to find out how John Druitt's power works, we got to know and see the little boy Alexei some more AND we have been set up for a major confrontation in the next webisode!!!

I have one tiny niggly thing though, I saw my first bug with the green screen stuff. When Sasquatch and Will were in the room with Alexei and Sasquatch goes to leave, check out his right leg. You can see the chair leg and the join of the floor & wall through his leg. Oooops. No worries though because I continue to be impressed by other stuff like all those fantastic exterior shots of Sanctuary and Helen's cool toys ah work equipment down in the labs.

Last review I said I wanted to know more of why Helen chose Will to be her next protege and we were shown another occasion where he is able to get through to a person (Alexei) when other people cannot. Helen left Will to do his stuff while she continued her research but she kept tabs on his progress remotely and obviously by her "Magnificent" comment she thinks he will fit in nicely. By the way, so do I.

I loved the flashback to Victorian England to see Helen and John together before John's problems interfered with their relationship. Amanda Tapping said in an interview about Helen that she "is massively in love with him, they're desperately in love" so I'm expecting major emotional fallout from any confrontation they have in the present. Especially with a closing line from Helen of "Each of us has our worst fears to confront Dr Zimmerman. John Druitt is mine".

It was great to see a touch of the mother / daughter relationship with Helen and Ashley and I wonder how Ashley will react with her mother when the full ramifications of her parentage hit home. Speaking of parentage, Christopher Heyerdahl put in another brilliant and chilling performance as John Druitt. From his appearance at the arms exchange, through the fight and to the final chilling reveal that Ashley is his daughter was just rivetting. Emilie Ullerup was fantastic with her bravado and spunk with a touch of fear and confusion as Ashley is held captive by Druitt. I can't wait to see what John Druitt has in mind for when Helen arrives on the scene.

It was also great to see Peter DeLuise in front of the camera again with his cameo performance as Ernie the arms dealer. I didn't see him getting taken out like that, nor his semi recovery to raise the alarm. I want to know what was in that epi pen!

So 51 minutes into the pilot and I'm still loving it! I'm expecting the next webisode to be a real kicker, with emotional fireworks and a possible showdown. Rollon the 25th of June!!

Catch ya later,

07 June 2007

THU 07 - Back to Space again

OK, bar any more problems and the shuttle should be taking off late this Friday in America. Which is good for me because it means it will be about 9.30am Saturday here and I won't have to get up at some godawful hour to watch it. Yes, I still watch launches live!! I don't think I'll ever get over the thrill of watching a launch, I mean these guys actually get to go into Space!!

This time around it's another retract and deploy of solar panels for the Space Station and another truss segment so there's going to be lots of work to be done but hopefully they've learnt a lot from past missions to help streamline the process.

Space, I'd love to go but I know I won't realistically ever get into space but maybe if I win the big lottery I can at least get a suborbital flight under my belt (assuming Virgin Galactic actually get going in the next couple of years). I mean it's technically space and 4 or 5 minutes of weightlessness is worth it right? Oh yeah and don't forget the spectacular view ;-)

The geek in me came across a few interesting things recently :

  1. If you are into recycling then here's a handy helper especially if you are hard up for kitchen space. Check it out at BookOfJoe
  2. The world's slimmest laptop is a fashion accessory? Ugly mate but the specs are relatively nice. Check it out at PopGadget
  3. Tight on space or maybe you like making secret passages? Go and check out the bookshelf doors. Check it out at GizModo

Catch ya later,

06 June 2007

WED 06 - Sanctuary Webisode 2 Review

Ta Da! Here it is at last! A week or so late but here nonetheless. One thing to keep in mind is that we both had a little trouble getting into a review frame of mind because of the format. Both RealmOfX (RoX) and I are used to reviewing complete episodes of approximately 45 minutes with the occasional 2 or 3 parter thrown in and they have a certain format or style. We haven't quite come to grips with Sanctuary's format yet, it isn't episodic TV as we are used to nor is it truely serialised so we decided to treat it as a 2 hour movie that has been broken into 8 parts. It may not mean anything to people reading this but we had to establish a frame of mind to review this.

Here be spoilers, so if you haven't seen it yet (WHY NOT??) and don't want to be spoiled, adios amigos.

This webisode has a touch of many things, sinister plottings, a drawn out death, fear and discovery, humour, puzzles, danger and scones! Oh yes, and Ashley got to speak!

Ashley speaks! and what an attitude! That is one little spitfire and I can see many things possible for the young lady. She is definitely kick butt, however she is cocky and incautious and I see a lot of learning life lessons in a difficult manner in her future. Ashley's relationship with her mother shall prove to be interesting and I hope complex as things develop. It was obvious that Helen has high standards and holds herself and her daughter to them and we saw an understandable clash when Ashley was tired and cranky after they captured Alexei. She certainly gave her mother a mouthful and I look forward to more sparkage on this front.

One thing I want to know about Ashley is how did she move so quietly dropping down right behind the guards and not be heard? She also made a comment to Helen "Tall dude, moves faster than me, if that's possible". Implying that she is very fast,so does Ashley have special powers, is she an Abnormal? or is she just extremely fit and is supremely confident / over confident in her skills? Time will tell I suppose.

Dr Zimmerman's introduction to Sanctuary began with a humorous faint in the shower, though I must admit I cringed at the double clunk of the bathtub when he hit bottom. His second attack of the vapours was not so funny but his awakening chat with Helen was quite humorous. Now whilst I do enjoy humour and this webisode was quite humorous in a nice low key manner. Here's hoping that they keep it light as a touch of humour can do wonders for a dark subject but as humour is very subjective it can, if overused, lead to turning off huge sections of fans.

I wasn't overly sold on Will's introduction to Sanctuary though. I can see that we are being introduced to Sanctuary through the newcomer Will but maybe a bit more on reasoning as to why he was chosen as her new protege would have been more beneficial. I got that she saw something in him in his interview of Tolson and she deliberately tweaked his interest to see how he would react but I think there was something missing between the parlour scene and Helen and Will turning up at the crime scene in the rail tunnel. Mainly what was missing is a bloody good reason why Will went straight from scepticism to going out on a hunt with Helen. Why? Because of Helen's impassioned speech? I just thought it needed something a little more as the jump was too abrupt, though that scene change with the river view of the city was impressive.

Also, why was Sasquatch sent to Will's apartment? Was Helen with him? Did Helen plan it that way, to first approach him after his interview with Tolson and liking what she saw of his reactions then followup quickly with a visit by Sasquatch? Again to judge his reaction. Maybe.

I'm totally impressed with how Amanda Tapping and Christopher Heyerdahl are bringing their characters to light. Both are obviously complex characters so I'm hesitant to comment too much on them so early in the piece except that I am looking forward to seeing so much more from the pair of them. John Druitt totally creeps me out and I loved the whole "I love the dark" bit with Alexei. Helen is more of an enigma at this stage and we will obviously get snippets from her long life as things progress but what impresses me the most is not once have I thought "Oh this is Amanda playing a new character", it's always been "Hey here's this new character Helen and I want to know more about her". I've always been impressed by Amanda's acting, she is always so totally in character and it's impressive. Her non vocal acting always conveys feelings, her facial expressions, body posture etc. AND most of it is so subtle that you don't consciously notice it, she simply becomes the character. If you want to know what I'm talking about just go watch a Season 1 episode of Stargate: SG-1 and then one in the later Seasons and compare it to this webisode, also try viewing with the sound off. You'll see how totally into the character she is and how she constantly adapts the character over time, truely impressive.

Now on to some of the more physical aspects of the show, the sound track continued on with it's great form from the first webisode but there were a couple of spots with the visuals that jarred. On the whole I think the show is absolutely amazing in it's audio and visual presentation but two things did jar me out of my watching the story unfold. They were as the car entered through the gates, whats with the fake slow bouncing? Why not just move forward and continue with the motion established on approach to the gates? The other was in the tunnel with Helen and the torch (flashlight), they managed to transform Helen into a one dimensional shadow and that totally distracted me.

Actually Rox and I were discussing if they had deliberately lightened the show after some complaints of it being too dark, and that this might account for some of the effects being more noticeable? Mostly I don't even notice that the majority of the background is green screened and that is a major plus. Keep up the good work!

So 33 minutes into the pilot and I'm loving it, this webisode was very good even with a couple of niggly problems and I am eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Catch ya later,

02 June 2007

SAT 02 - I know !! I'm slack!!

So much for my posting 5 times a week!!

My excuse this time is - it's all Trace's fault! Yeah the other one, she's quite sick this week and hasn't really been up to, now how did she phrase it, "stringing two coherent sentences together let alone let alone dealing with your disjointed stream of consciousness". Hmmmph, so what if I have to review my work 5 times before it remotely resembles structured English, you knew this before we started this project luv!! Anyways, get better soon hon, pneumonia is no joke, even if it is a mild case.

Alrighty now!! The Webisode 3 preview of Sanctuary is just out and it is totally kick arse!! The best preview so far. Now I don't know if I think it's the best because I'm totally hooked or because we're going to get more background on John Druitt or maybe because it looks like Ashley gets to kick some real arse! Anyways, take a gander and make your own mind up!

Catch ya later,