Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

26 July 2007

Sanctuary - View the Webisode Previews

Here are the previews for the Sanctuary webisodes. Please visit the SanctuaryForAll website to be the owner of these wonderful webisodes for a small fee.

Webisode 5 Preview
While investigating an ancient crypt on a remote island, Magnus and her team encounter deadly creatures and three women with a mysterious past. Ashley decides to address the issues of her father's existence head-on.

Webisode 6 Preview
The investigation into the three women found in the crypt continues, confirming Magnus's theory that they are much more than they appear. Ashley's hunt for contraband creatures yields mixed results.

Webisode 7 Preview
Will falls victim to the three women's growing powers, while Magnus seeks proof of their true identities via a former resident of the Sanctuary. Ashley's luck in her monster hunt begins to run out...

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