Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

26 July 2007

THU 26 - Sanctuary moving to one price policy

Rox here, I think I've started a trend here, pop dinner into the oven and then go blogging! On the menu tonight is baked chicken pieces in a spicy marinade, YUMMY. Oh and I've done some redecorating :-) I've moved the Sanctuary vids to their own pages with just a link on the sidebar because it was getting a wee bit crowded in here, I'll leave the current preview up on the front page though.

Sanctuary - Today Damian has update his blog with news on the contentious pricing policy. As of Webisode 6 everyone will pay the one flat price, no more of the regionalised pricing rip off models!! Thank you to everyone at Stage 3 Media for paying attention to the fans and hopefully (I'm sure going to do my fair share of pimping the webisodes) you'll get a lot more customers now with a fair price for all.

Both Trace and I are opposed to the regional market ripoffs that many companies persist in applying. Living in Australia we often get charged 40% to 50% more on books, DVDs and CD's just because we live in the fair land of Aus. It could be worse, I suppose, we could live in the UK where they are often hit with prices double of that seen in the US. Thanks again to the Sanctuary people for listening to the fans and doing something about it, especially when it meant a major revamp of their pricing methodology which is extremely difficult with a new venture like this.

Also Damian had some news about a new update for :
"We are about to test a new version of, designed to bring you some new and exciting ways to experience the world of Sanctuary. We are evolving the site to do some things you've asked us for in your feedback and suggestions, and also to pave the way for some of the many features we are working on. This is just the 'pilot' of Sanctuary after all, there are many great things to come."

I'm looking forward to it!!

Oh and here is the video with Amanda that I mentioned yesterday

Farscape - New info on those webisodes that they are planning has been posted on Slice of SciFi. The episodes will be 3 to 6 minutes long but no word yet on who will be starring in them. Hints have been made that John & Aeryn's son will be in it and Ben Browder is talking to Henson so keep tuned for more details.

Gadget Geek - There's been some advances made in prosthesis technology recently and these two items are a stand out.

an amazing mechanical ankle

iLimb bionic hand and for video of it in action see here

See you all tomorrow.

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