Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

06 July 2007

FRI 06 - The Evil, EVIL Universe

Hi all. Yes, I am still alive and will be blogging again regularly once the evil universe has stopped conspiring to keep me off the internet!

First there was floods, then there was work and more work and more work AND then a power spike fried half my computer :-( Salvaging attempts are still ongoing with 1 hard drive recovered and one more to go. I should have a new videocard next week and I think I can repair the old soundcard. Well, that's 3 strikes so maybe the bad luck will go away for a while.

In the meantime Webisode 4 of Sanctuary was fantastic! I can't wait for the next episode to see the new story they come up with and if/how the Sanctuary crew deal with the emotional impact of the last webisode.

On a sad note :-( the next webisode has been delayed a week while Damian & the production crew move offices.

On a bright note when I looked in My Library of my Sanctuary account all the webisodes had the US pricing. Does this mean we will now all pay the one same price worldwide? Let's seriously hope so, I am an advocate against the BS pricing policy of the entertainment industry as a whole and the stupid region distributing BS as well. In today's world why should the majority of the world be penalised for not being an American?

If you haven't seen Sanctuary Webisode 4 yet I urge you to go ahead and do so, it is definitely worth it. I put my 4 weps onto DVD (before the Evuil Universe last attacked me) and watched an incredible 60 plus minutes of pure entertainment!

Catcha later,

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Anonymous said...

Do you know of any other online Sci-Fi shows besides Afterworld and Sanctuary?

I think these shows are awesome.