Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

24 July 2007

TUE 24 - I'm taking over!!

RoX here. Trace is having EXTREME technical difficulties at the moment, the Universe is indeed evil and is picking on her! As a consequence I'll be filling in for her for a little while (bwaaaaaahahaha).

OK a quick roundup of things over the past couple of weeks :

Sanctuary - is still AWESOME!! I really loved Webisode 5, I really liked the longer time (21 mins) and the new story line. Had to laugh at the hand signals - "I'm cutting off your allowance"!!! I'm looking forward to more on the Helen/Ashley front in regards to Druitt as there are lots of feelings there to be resolved.

The preview for Webisode 6 is up and it looks like we'll get to see a little of how Helen was introduced to Sanctuary by her father and lots of action (well I hope we do).

X-Files - The script for the second movie is done!! I can't wait to hear what it is about. I like that the second movie is a Monster of the Week style as I am a fan of both the Mythology eps and the MOTW eps. I'm keeping my ears tuned for any more details.

Babylon 5 - The 31st and The Lost Tales are almost here!! I think it's time that the distributors get over the freaking Region release BS - if it is going straight to DVD then bloody well release it everywhere at the same time!! I'm going to have to get my first look at this by downloading it - I wouldn't have to if you'd damn well let the rest of the world in on it's release!!

Comic-Con - In San Diego starts on Wednesday night with Preview Night and then there's 4 day's packed with lots of stuff. Stargate has 2 panels on Friday and I'm not sure if Damian Kindler managed to get anything organised for Sanctuary like he was hoping to. I really wish I could go to something like this, I love comics and sci-fi but unfortunately living in Australia means I don't get the opportunity to attend things on a scale like this. Oh well, it looks like I'll be living vicariously through my friends who kindly post pictures and accounts of their trips to various conventions.

Farscape - has ordered a 10 part web series for Farscape. Few details have been released yet so we'll have to wait and see what they have planned.

Battlestar Galactica - I'm looking forward to the "Razor" movie premiering in the US on November 24. It will be good to see the battles that Battlestar Pegasus went through at the beginning of the Cylon attack and what pushed Admiral Cain into the stance that she took. There will also be an 8 part webisode series in the leadup to the premiere that was filmed at the same time as the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed the previous webisode series that Galactica did so I'm sure this series will be good too.

OK roundup is over, now I'm not sure what I'll have left over to talk about tomorrow :(

Hmmmm, I guess I'll just make it up as I go along.


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