Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

25 July 2007

WED 25 - Gadget Geek - Cool & Unusual Vehicles

Rox here, OK so I've got the lasagna in the oven for dinner so that means I've got about 40 mins to whack together today's blog. Ummmmmmmm

Sanctuary - Yes folks they will be at the San Diego Comic Con and their booth is apparently in some prime real estate just across from the SciFi booth so they should get a lot of people going past. Of course they'll all stop to get autographs from Amanda Tapping, Martin Wood and Robin Dunne and get the lowdown on Sanctuary. Damian Kindler will be there as well. To find out the details simply hop across to Sanctuaryfans.
Update : While you are at Sanctuaryfans check out the new video Amanda & The Fan :-)

Following on with something Trace started, I hit one of the gadget sites (yeah just one site I'm lazy!) and looked around for some cool vehicles and this is what I found.

A more environmentally friendly green plane. Find out more about it at Gizmodo

Got a function that you need to make an impression at? How about turning up in a Tank Limo! No seriously, this service is actually available in the UK and it will seat 8 people. Find out more about it at Gizmodo

Any Halo 3 fans out there? Check out the full size working Wathog they've put together in New Zealand. Find out more about it at Gizmodo

The M200G is a cool hover car that hovers 10 feet off the ground and cruises at a speed of 50mph. Go and see a demo video of it in action. You might also want to visit the Moller website and check out the M400, another way cool craft. Find out more about it at Gizmodo

The concept of a boatcar has been around for quite a while and the US Navy is wanting in on the action. Find out more about it at Gizmodo

OK well there goes the oven timer so my lasagna is ready. See you all tomorrow!

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