Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

27 July 2007

FRI 27 - Comic Con San Diego 2007

RoX here.

Tonight's star menu attraction is pizza, home made pizza! That means I get to put on it whatever I like :-) I've got a few friends coming over for movie night so there are lots of pizza toppings and pizza bases all ready just waiting for my guests and I to throw them together and into the oven. First up for me is double pepperoni with lashings of cheese!

Comic Con - Well, the first full day of Comic Con has passed and con reports and photos are beginning to surface on the net. On the Star Trek front those rumours have been confirmed by JJ Abrams himself. Zachary Quinto of "Heroes" has been cast as the new younger Mr. Spock for the 11th Star Trek film.

I've been glancing through all the photos of the Con that have been posted on Flickr so far and gee I wish I could go to a huge con like that. I love comics, sci-fi and model building and that would be so right up my alley. I did run across an LJ entry for some Sanctuary related stuff at the Con, there are pictures of Damian and the Sanctuary booth. Tomorrow (Friday in the US) there are the two Stargate panels so I expect more con reports to start appearing tomorrow night. If I had have been attending I know I would have been totally torn about which panels to sit in on as the Con program had lots of panels I would have dearly loved to attend. However the call of the booth halls would have been calling too. I simply love comics and model building so I'd be soooooo happy to run myself ragged checking out each and every booth and chatting to the people you run into. I'm generally shy when meeting new people but put a camera in my hand and a topic I love to talk about and suddenly it's "Who's shy?".

Gadget Geek - when I went searching through Gizmodo the other day for vehicles I found a whole bunch of environment saving "green" ones, so here are a few to go check out.

Eco One sports car races at 150Kmh and made from salad ;) Go and check out the naturally grown substances like potatoes and cashews that they made this car out of and it uses biofuel too. They say that they have some motor racing people interested in the design.

Greenbox turns Carbon Dioxide into Biodiesel

Tesla Electric Sports Car, apparently they are not sold out yet for this year

Fuelvapour Technologies car "ale" pulls 1.7g turns and reduces CO2 emissions by 30%

Steampunk does Batman. Not so much "green" rather steam and definitely in the alternate fuel category. Batman eat ya heart out ;)

Prototype electric engine for Sonex Sports Aircraft

OK, gotta go for now. I have a pizza with my name on it :-)

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