Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

13 August 2007

MON 13 - Another great Sanctuary Webisode

OK here is your first and final warning - here be spoilers, if you're allergic to them then bye bye.

I had a lazy day at home today, I woke up late and eventually got out of bed around 10am, booted up my computer and downloaded the next Sanctuary webisode and then got some brekky while it was downloading. I definitely liked today's webisode, more character insights into Helen and Ashley and a setup for a big showdown with the Keepers of the Dead next webisode.

I like the twists in the story that they take, sometimes showing the audience a believable red herring and then turning around and presenting something different. So now The Morrigan aren't really the bad guys, I like that.

So what happened in the webisode? Well it picks up in the lab with the three sisters causing mayhem for Will and Bigfoot, then they are surrounded by a blue electrical type field and drop to the ground. Ouch, that was a long drop! Then we see Helen wielding a great big gun which obviously she used to stun them with, hmmm I wish I had her bag of tricks, lots of neat gadgets she's got in good ole Sanctuary :-)

Will puts his foot in it with Helen by implying that she is letting her personal situation colour her dealing with the women. Will still doesn't believe that they could possibly be The Morrigan whilst Helen is open to the idea. Helen proceeds to enlighten Will on what her perspective really is :

"Life without end is not a gift, it's a curse. It means loneliness, isolation. It means being less human." Ouch, I guess Will hit a sore spot.

Will eventually goes on to piss off Ashley too and she yanks his chain by channeling her father a touch whilst describing what she feels when hunting ghouls. Now both RoX and I think that she was having him on because he doesn't know when to backoff on the "you should talk" bit. I'm sure RoX will update me later on what the word on the forums is about this aspect.

And finally we have Helen figure out that The Morrigan were turned from their true purpose by Merlin just in time for the Keepers of the Dead to scale the walls storm Sanctuary!! Now we have to wait another fortnight to see the conclusion of the pilot and the battle for Sanctuary. I'm looking forward to it!!!

Catch ya later,

12 August 2007

SUN 12 - The Annual City To Surf

Well I finally entered the City To Surf!!

Walking though :-) A few of my cousins and I decided we'd walk the race with the Back Of The Pack and we personally raised $600 for charity. According to the official website they have raised so far in total $865,973 and that figure is still climbing.

It was a nice day, pleasant but not too hot and we finished in 2hrs 14mins. Not a speed record but not too shabby for 14kms up and down hills. All I can say is that Heartbreak Hill is aptly named and I am sooooooooooo glad that I wasn't running (as if!!).

We organised the rest of the clan to meet us at the end and we spent a couple of pleasant hours at the beach. It sure was a fun day but next year I'm going to train a lot earlier as my body is starting to let me know what it thinks of me. A nice hot bath before bed should fix that though.

I'm too tired to do the geek bit today, luckily I have tomorrow off so I'll probably get to download Sanctuary early this week. We're up to Webisode 7 already YAY!!! Then we have to wait a couple of months till they go back to shooting again. I'm not sure when they start but they'll probably have to wait until Amanda finishes shooting Atlantis. Good news is that they have already sat down for a least a week to start planning out the next 40 webisodes!! Colour me happy :-)

Catch ya later,

10 August 2007

FRI 10 - Gadget Geek - Military Toys

W00t!! New Sanctuary webisode on Monday :-)

The geek in me came across a few interesting things recently :

  1. Army tests Mule - this 'bot has a long name - Multifunction Utility Logistics and Equipment. Check it out at DangerRoom

  2. British Marines unveil their stealth boat. Check it out at DailyMail

  3. Laser guided bullets, what will they think of next? Check it out at DangerRoom

  4. Shotgun Taser. Check it out at GizModo

  5. U.S to Deploy an Entire Squadron of Unmanned Aerial Drones in Iraqistan. Check it out at GizModo

Catch ya later,

08 August 2007

WED 08 - Space

The space shuttle Endeavour is getting ready for another lift off in about 11 hours. Great! It's at a civilised hour for me to watch :-)

They may get to extend the mission a few days if the new Station-Shuttle Power Transfer System works. It looks like they'll be doing a bit of everything this trip; assembly on the space station, repairs, resupply and Barbara Morgan finally gets to go into space. After being a backup for Christa McAuliffe 22 years ago Barbarbara kept contacts with the space program and was invited back in 1998 to become a full-fledged astronaut. Now as part of The Educator Astronaut Project she not only has the regular duties of the crew but she also will take part in several education-related activities.

As the space shuttle program draws to a close the Constellation Program is ramping up. The new Ares launch vehicles will actually use some of the shuttle technology and facilities. The Orion crew exploration vehicle is a similar shape to the old Apollo ones but much bigger. Here's some info on Orion stolen directly from a NASA page:

"Orion will be capable of carrying crew and cargo to the space station. It will be able to rendezvous with a lunar landing module and an Earth departure stage in low-Earth orbit to carry crews to the moon and, one day, to Mars-bound vehicles assembled in low-Earth orbit. Orion will be the Earth entry vehicle for lunar and Mars returns. Orion’s design will borrow its shape from the capsules of the past, but takes advantage of 21st century technology in computers, electronics, life support, propulsion and heat protection systems."

In just a couple of years we will see the Ares/Orion combo take over the resupply of the Space Station.

Also on the space front, last Saturday saw the launch of The Phoenix Mars lander which is due to arrive at Mars next year around May 25

Today's geek photos are

  1. The Phoenix launch

  2. The Orion crew vehicle

  3. A cool drawing of HD 98800 which consists of two pairs of double stars

Catch ya later,

06 August 2007

MON 06 - Afterworld appears - guess where!

Well here I am at a friends place watching the SciFi Channel on Foxtel (Australia) and guess what they announce is next up?? You got it! The world premiere of Afterworld!! So I just rewatched the first episode with my friend and it looked pretty good on a big screen TV. Unfortunately I don't have Foxtel anymore so I'm working on getting my friend to record them for me but he is incredibly unreliable. Hmmmmm maybe I need to start searching through friends and acquaintances for another Foxtel source.

I wonder when the rest of the world will be getting it released to them and through what medium???? Hang on!! I just remembered that I signed up at for info on it's release, so it looks like the bozos still haven't got their act together yet.

On the Sanctuary front, the new preview is out but I haven't seen it yet. I'll have to wait until I get home to watch it as my friend only has limited internet usage :-( I must introduce him to broadband and the notion of unlimited bandwidth! I'll update the preview vids tomorrow when I get home.

The geek in me came across a few interesting things recently :

  1. A cute but useless USB dohickey - I want one! Check it out at Popgadget

  2. Those Dick Tracy watches are getting closer every day. Check it out at ThinkGeek

  3. Where's RoX?? Here's another cool boatcar. Check it out at GizModo

Catch ya later,

03 August 2007

Fri 03 - I love Wexford!!

I watched Sanctuary webisodes 5 & 6 yesterday and I continue to be impressed with this show as they move into the second story of the pilot. Will seems to be settling in a bit, Helen continues to be mysterious but we're getting little tidbits about her history via flashbacks, Ashley continues to be a handful and be thoroughly entertaining at the same time and the guest characters continue to be impressive!

Wexford I loved him! Paul MGillion did a marvelous job with the character and there is much potential there to have the character as a recurring one but he should be used sparingly to help out with the necessary exposition. I'm curious as to what the cruel irony that his life is centred around. Are those things on his face gills or something like that? Hmmm I'm not sure but he does say that he needs moisture to survive and it looked like he picked a bug off a leaf and ate it, so maybe he is some type of amphibian hybrid???? This is one of the things that I do like about Sanctuary, they don't tell you everything, they throw intelligent hints out to the audience. I very much prefer this style of show where you are required to engage your brain a bit, way too many so called sci-fi shows have been dumbed down lately much to my disgust.

Whilst catching up on things on the net yesterday I found this couple of intriguing ladies who are also Sanctuary fans who have a blog called Two Idiots Do Sanctuary. They are totally off the wall and appeal to my warped sense of humour and they have recorded commentaries for the Sanctuary webisodes. I spent an amusing hour yesterday watching the first half of the Sanctuary pilot in a totally different light!!

Don't forget to vote for Sanctuary at The 2007 SyFy Portal Genre Awards. I noticed that RoX gave a pretty detailed breakdown of her choices a few posts back, but for me it's a simple choice. Vote for SANCTUARY, it simply blows the other candidates out of the water!!

The geek in me came across a few interesting things recently :

  1. Dreamate Sleep Inducer - this would be great for me when work gets to that frantic stage occasionally, I wonder if it really works? Maybe I should read up on those accupressure points. Check it out at ThinkGeek

  2. I certainly could use this power strip in my studio. Check it out at PopGadget

  3. NASA's Chandra Sees Brightest Supernova Ever. Check it out at NASA

Catch ya later,

02 August 2007

THU 02 - I'm back

Thanks RoX for filling in for me, I like what you did whilst I was away. I am now the pround owner of a totally rebuilt computer which I did myself after the moron from the local shop failed to actually do what he was contracted to do. Sheesh! I freely admit that my computer expertise is in the mainframe domain but I'm no dummy and know all systems have the
same basic constructs just different variations on the same theme. So I eventually told this so called PC expert he was full of bull and triple checked his so called technical expertise and came to the conclusion that I actually knew more than he did therefore I'd have my computer back as he still hadn't fixed it. So with some research and a hefty learning curve at this stage I have a spiffy new computer with only the case, fans and power supply still the same :-)

I've got the day off so now that I have my computer up and running I'm off to download the new Sanctuary webisode.

Catch ya later,