Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

12 August 2007

SUN 12 - The Annual City To Surf

Well I finally entered the City To Surf!!

Walking though :-) A few of my cousins and I decided we'd walk the race with the Back Of The Pack and we personally raised $600 for charity. According to the official website they have raised so far in total $865,973 and that figure is still climbing.

It was a nice day, pleasant but not too hot and we finished in 2hrs 14mins. Not a speed record but not too shabby for 14kms up and down hills. All I can say is that Heartbreak Hill is aptly named and I am sooooooooooo glad that I wasn't running (as if!!).

We organised the rest of the clan to meet us at the end and we spent a couple of pleasant hours at the beach. It sure was a fun day but next year I'm going to train a lot earlier as my body is starting to let me know what it thinks of me. A nice hot bath before bed should fix that though.

I'm too tired to do the geek bit today, luckily I have tomorrow off so I'll probably get to download Sanctuary early this week. We're up to Webisode 7 already YAY!!! Then we have to wait a couple of months till they go back to shooting again. I'm not sure when they start but they'll probably have to wait until Amanda finishes shooting Atlantis. Good news is that they have already sat down for a least a week to start planning out the next 40 webisodes!! Colour me happy :-)

Catch ya later,

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