Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

02 August 2007

THU 02 - I'm back

Thanks RoX for filling in for me, I like what you did whilst I was away. I am now the pround owner of a totally rebuilt computer which I did myself after the moron from the local shop failed to actually do what he was contracted to do. Sheesh! I freely admit that my computer expertise is in the mainframe domain but I'm no dummy and know all systems have the
same basic constructs just different variations on the same theme. So I eventually told this so called PC expert he was full of bull and triple checked his so called technical expertise and came to the conclusion that I actually knew more than he did therefore I'd have my computer back as he still hadn't fixed it. So with some research and a hefty learning curve at this stage I have a spiffy new computer with only the case, fans and power supply still the same :-)

I've got the day off so now that I have my computer up and running I'm off to download the new Sanctuary webisode.

Catch ya later,

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