Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

13 August 2007

MON 13 - Another great Sanctuary Webisode

OK here is your first and final warning - here be spoilers, if you're allergic to them then bye bye.

I had a lazy day at home today, I woke up late and eventually got out of bed around 10am, booted up my computer and downloaded the next Sanctuary webisode and then got some brekky while it was downloading. I definitely liked today's webisode, more character insights into Helen and Ashley and a setup for a big showdown with the Keepers of the Dead next webisode.

I like the twists in the story that they take, sometimes showing the audience a believable red herring and then turning around and presenting something different. So now The Morrigan aren't really the bad guys, I like that.

So what happened in the webisode? Well it picks up in the lab with the three sisters causing mayhem for Will and Bigfoot, then they are surrounded by a blue electrical type field and drop to the ground. Ouch, that was a long drop! Then we see Helen wielding a great big gun which obviously she used to stun them with, hmmm I wish I had her bag of tricks, lots of neat gadgets she's got in good ole Sanctuary :-)

Will puts his foot in it with Helen by implying that she is letting her personal situation colour her dealing with the women. Will still doesn't believe that they could possibly be The Morrigan whilst Helen is open to the idea. Helen proceeds to enlighten Will on what her perspective really is :

"Life without end is not a gift, it's a curse. It means loneliness, isolation. It means being less human." Ouch, I guess Will hit a sore spot.

Will eventually goes on to piss off Ashley too and she yanks his chain by channeling her father a touch whilst describing what she feels when hunting ghouls. Now both RoX and I think that she was having him on because he doesn't know when to backoff on the "you should talk" bit. I'm sure RoX will update me later on what the word on the forums is about this aspect.

And finally we have Helen figure out that The Morrigan were turned from their true purpose by Merlin just in time for the Keepers of the Dead to scale the walls storm Sanctuary!! Now we have to wait another fortnight to see the conclusion of the pilot and the battle for Sanctuary. I'm looking forward to it!!!

Catch ya later,

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