Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

22 June 2007

Fri 22 - Sydney's drought broken??

Hi there! No, I didn't fall off the earth or anything, I've been out in the country helping some family get back on their feet after their place got flooded. Boo for floods, my aunt and uncle thought their hobby farm was sufficiently far enough away from the river to not have to worry about floods but apparently they are not. Yay for hopefully the end of Sydney's 7 year drought, we've had 4 times the average rainfall this month and our dams have risen from 37% to 50% in just 3 weeks. We need some more as we usually get the most rain from January through June and then go leaner for the remaining months, but please God not all at once!

I got back earlier this afternoon and spent a totally delightful and relaxing 1.5 hours in my spa bath. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm no more freezing cold and being wet and muddy in the wind while we demolish half destroyed sheds, salvage what we can out the house, strip down and clean machinery, rebuild the barn, fix some of the fences and did I mention THE MUD!!!! We have the rels all set up in a caravan with generators and clean water while we wait for the old house to be demolished. Luckily it was a really old wooden house that they intended to demolish and rebuild next year so they just have to bring it forward a bit, though Uncle John is heading into town next week to get the plans changed to a raised dwelling. Last I heard he was rubbing his hands together about all the additional space they would have under the house; and my aunt was shooting down all his plans for a mini brewery and games room and workshop :-D

So once the plans are approved I guess I'll be spending a fair few weekends up there helping rebuild. Luckily one of my cousins is a builder so Uncle John can quite easily go the owner/builder route without much hassle and has quite an array of semi adept helpers. Yay for family!!

OH WOW! I checked out the preview for Sanctuary next Monday and it looks like it's going to be a great showdown!! Looking forward to seeing what happens. I'll see if I can knock together the synopsis for the last webisode over the weekend but I have heaps of housework to do so it's a definite maybe ;-)

Catcha ya later,

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