Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

02 June 2007

SAT 02 - I know !! I'm slack!!

So much for my posting 5 times a week!!

My excuse this time is - it's all Trace's fault! Yeah the other one, she's quite sick this week and hasn't really been up to, now how did she phrase it, "stringing two coherent sentences together let alone let alone dealing with your disjointed stream of consciousness". Hmmmph, so what if I have to review my work 5 times before it remotely resembles structured English, you knew this before we started this project luv!! Anyways, get better soon hon, pneumonia is no joke, even if it is a mild case.

Alrighty now!! The Webisode 3 preview of Sanctuary is just out and it is totally kick arse!! The best preview so far. Now I don't know if I think it's the best because I'm totally hooked or because we're going to get more background on John Druitt or maybe because it looks like Ashley gets to kick some real arse! Anyways, take a gander and make your own mind up!

Catch ya later,

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