Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

30 May 2007

WED 30 - Sanctuary Webisode 2 Synopsis

OK, this is a joint project by Trace & the other Trace (who is really sick at the moment, get well soon hon). We aim to get both a synopsis and a review done for each webisode, however my tendency towards procrastination may derail that plan ;-)

Here be spoilers, if you haven't seen it yet then now is the time to leave...

This webisode opens with Ashley still trailing Alexei, the Tentacle Boy, through the train tunnel where John Druitt leans down from a station platform to talk to the boy. Meanwhile a train comes along causing Ashley to have to move and consequently loses sight of her quarry.

We cross to Will's apartment where he is having a shower with his lousy water system. Someone flushes his toilet and gives him a super hot shower. This causes Will to get snarky and yell "OK, who the hell just used my can?" Cue faint one - A big hairy hand opens the shower curtain and Will gives a little girly yelp and faints!


A car pulls up to the Sanctuary gates and a hairy hand emerges to punch in the security code and then drives in when the gate opens.


A station guard walks down some steps to a train platform, he is filling in a form on a clipboard. He spots Druitt leaning on a support post and tells him the station is closed and "what the hell is going on". The guard approaches Druitt and as he does so he spots Alexei standing behind the post and says "You know what? I don't want to know".

The guard turns around and heads back to the stairs puling out his radio and starts to put a call in about the incident. Close up on the guard and we see a flash of light and Druitt stabs him in the neck (I think) with his cane sword.


Pan across a dingy street in the Old City looking uphill to a church like structure, part of Sanctuary. Cut to Will startling awake in bed and saying "I'm so sick of it". He doesn't recognise where he is and gets out of bed (only wearing boxers) and looks about the room. He picks up several photos of Helen from earlier years. One on the Crimean Peninsula and one with boxer Joe Louis.

Helen enters the room and says "Good you're awake" but Will doesn't think that he is awake and goes back to bed. Helen assures him that he is awake and while Will is explaining why he can't possibly be awake, Sasquatch enters with a tea tray and Will faints again.


The train guard is chained to a post with his feet off the ground and he can't speak, he is making choking sounds. Druitt is making friends with Alexei,he encourages him to fulfill his desires but that Alexei must help him find an "old friend". Alexei then kills the guard.


Meanwhile back with Will, he again startles awake in bed. This time Helen is sitting nearby drinking a cup of tea and remarks to him upon his awakening "My manservant seems to have a profound impact on you".

Helen explains that Sasquatch chose to stay with her after she remove several bullets from him and she added him to her staff. Will is having a difficult time adjusting to the fact that Sasquatch is real and demands his clothes back so that he can leave. Helen responds "As you wish, but outside that door are creatures that make my butler seem like a house cat by comparison. Sanctuary For All is not an empty motto." and then offers him a scone.


In a dark rail tunnel two train guards walk the tracks with their torches (flashlights) trying to raise the missing guard on the radio. As they talk, Ashley drops down silently from above with the guards none the wiser. She moves to the side to hide and observe. The guards then spot the body of the other guard just ahead, laying on the tracks.


Next we find Will and Helen descending in a huge old elevator. Will asks Helen what kind of a doctor is she. Helen evades with "It depends on the patient of course".

The elevator stops and Helen and Will exit with Helen telling Will "I specialise in teratology among other things" and "Combined with healthy doses of cryptozoology and xenobiology as well. When the need arises". They walk along in an old laboratory, a strange mix of old and new. Will is looking all around as he continues to question Helen.

They arrive in a very large circular room with many rooms/cages running off from it. Will approaches one of the enclosures which is fill with water and has a mermaid residing in it. There are other monsters there as well, including a two faced man (one in front and one in back).

Will seems to be having a difficult time coming to terms with the existence of the creatures. Will asks Helen if any of the creatures are running about free to which Helen replies "Don’t be ridiculous" and then adds with a smile "Exercise time isn’t for another two hours".


Helen and Will enter a parlour with Helen explaining that Sanctuary was established to find and help the unfortunate creatures of this world and that she thinks that Will could play a vital role there.

Helen expands a little more about Sanctuary trying to convince Will to join with her. She says she his potential when he was talking to Tolson at the hospital.

She ends with an impassioned plea for Will to "Open your eyes! Good doctors come and go. But the really great ones have always seen beyond the boundaries of science. Beyond the known. The great ones dare to believe in the unbelievable."

The scene fades out with With a scene of the river separating Old City from the New city. It's a dark and moody setting with partial moonlight from a stormy sky.


Back in the rail tunnel there are flares and a marked off crime scene around the body of the train guard. From the side, in the dark, Helen and Will observe the scene. Helen says that her quarry must be close.


Cut to another tunnel, which Helen and Will enter through a hatch.

Will wants to know how Helen knew to come to the Old City and not uptown. Helen gives an evasive "I have my sources" which seems to annoy Will as he sarcastically requests Helen to please be more cryptic because he was starting to feel in the loop here and they wouldn't want that.

Helen explains that the subject is unused to human contact and would seek solitude in the catacombs. She pauses and then adds "plus I have a Police scanner".

Helen stops as she sees a playbill and picks it up. It is from Drury Lane for a performance of Twelfth Night, a limited engagement by order of Queen Victoria. Helen turns the leaflet over and finds "A5 S1" written there.

Will asks how Helen knew that the victim was the work of her subject. Ashley then walks in and answers because she had been tracking him all night. Helen quips "With very little success I'm afraid". Ashley replies that it was because someone else was down there. Someone tall who moved faster than her, which she didn't think was possible.

Helen reacts sharply to this and asks what he looked like. As they are talking Will spots some movement and moves away from them. As Ashley is explaining what the man looked like, Will discovers Alexei and calls out to Helen and Ashley and then tries to talk to Alexei.

Alexei lashes out at Will with his tentacle and Ashley shoves Will out of the way and rolls back to her feet and draws her pistol on Alexei. Helen shouts out to stop because they need him alive. They all approach Alexei with Helen trying to talk to him.

Alexei lashes out at Ashley which she dodges and will yells out to Alexei and moves off to the side trying to distract him. Helen then shoots Alexei with a tranquilliser dart.

Will asks Ashley if she is OK to which she replies I'm fine. Helen cutts in with "Far from it. This chaos was completely avoidable". Ashley then quite testily tells Helen to give her a break, she's been in the dark tunnels all night avoiding cops and ghouls and whatever and she doesn't need a lecture.

Will at this stage breaks in with a comment about the two of them knowing each other. Where upon Helen formally introduces Ashley to Will as her daughter.


The End

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