Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

01 May 2007

TUE 01 - Very Impressed

The Sanctuary preview is great! I'm even more looking forward to the premiere now. So far most of the green screen elements have been excellent but I must admit there were two things that screamed "game" to me and that was the mermaid type creature and one of the cars (the dark one), every thing else was quite believable. Now I'm not saying that they were bad, far from it, just that they had a different "look" to them. Of course I must mention that I'm used to picking things apart visually as I digitally restore photos and comics in my spare time and I look at things in minute detail.

So apart from those two very minor things, everything else was great. I really liked visually the bit on the old London street, excellent graphics and the lighting / mood was terrific. The opening scene was tops too in the old part of town with Helen and Will, the rain and the background visuals were excellent.

And speaking of excellent - Amanda Tapping!!! WOW! I am soooooooo looking forward to seeing how Damian and Amanda bring the character of Helen Magnus to life. I think we are in for a real treat here with a very multi layer character. Amanda was incredible with the few scenes we saw her in, a new look, a new accent and a new character with lots of potential to demonstrate just how good an actress she really is.

At the moment I'm thinking "bugger!". The webisodes are only around 15 minutes long and will come out every few weeks. How on earth are we going to manage to wait!!

In this day and age of instant gratification I think some people will find it hard to adjust to the delivery style whilst others are going to be kicked back to the dim dark days of the old time serials where each episode is highly anticipated and then treasured once viewed.

Roll on May 14!

The preview can be found at the Sanctuary website and also check out the Welcome message from Amanda Tapping. For those of you with limited web access or slow computers you can view the lower quality YouTube preview right here.

Catch ya later,

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