Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

08 May 2007

TUE 08 - Bits and Pieces

On the Sanctuary front -
  • Amanda Tapping has recorded a very brief message for fans over at the official Sanctuary fans site
  • Only 6 days to go to the Sanctuary premiere!!

Spiderman 3 smashes box office records (yes that's plural). It will be interesting to see how Spidey continues to sell with Pirates of the Caribbean: Deadman's Chest coming a close second with an opening weekend of $135,634,554. So, when is Shrek 3 coming out???

Figures obtained from Box Office Mojo
ALL TIME: Worldwide Openings $381,660,892
ALL TIME: Opening Weekends $151,116,516
ALL TIME: Past Weekend Records $151,116,516
ALL TIME: 3-day Openings $151,116,516
ALL TIME: Foreign Openings $230,544,376

Any Lost fans out there? I must admit that I'm a sort of fan. I never got into the first season while it was on TV but I have found that if I wait till they bring it out on DVD then I'll watch it straight through over 2 or 3 days and enjoy it quite well. Since I started my Quickflix membership (DVD rental through the mail) I have started watching a few series this way - Smallville, Bones, 4400 and 24, and I'm enjoying them without the dumb interruptions of commercial TV and logos that block the action.

Lost producers have announced the end of Lost in 2010. Over the next three seasons all questions will be answered with each season being a shortened length of 16 episodes each. Each new shortened season is slated to be shown in one continous block in the US from February through May. The end is in sight!!

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