Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

16 May 2007

WED 16 - Sanctuary Webisode 1, great debut

Whew, I barely had time to download the HD webisode and watch it, work hit another crisis and I've hardly had time to myself the last three days.

I loved the acting, I loved the characters, Victorian London was great, a surprise power for "Jack", overall a nice little setup piece that has whet my appetite for more. Much, much more. We didn't get to see much of Ashley but that will come soon. We had a good introduction to the normal world of Will Zimmerman and I can't wait to see how he is drawn into the world of Sanctuary. We saw little pieces of Helen in different environments and I can't wait to see how this complex character is unveiled. I was seriously impressed with Christopher Heyerdahl as John Druitt and can't wait to see him interact with both Helen and Ashley. I can't wait seems to be a continuing theme here :-)

Kudos to the director Martin Wood, I really do admire your work. Wonderful and interesting camera angles and your vision of Sanctuary has me enthralled. You also have all the actors working well together.

Kudos to the whole Sanctuary crew, from Damian on down. I was most impressed with Webisode 1 and I really was worried that I had built my expectations too high but that worry soon faded. Now my next date to anxiously await is May 28 and Webisode 2.

I sat down and compared the free YouTube version, at, to the HD one and as RoX would say - chalk 'n cheese. If you can afford it, I say go for the paid version as it is well worth it. There were some problems with the site as they got hit with lots of people downloading and they had a few problems to iron out with servers and the shopping cart. Lucky for me I had no trouble getting my download but for some people like RoX, they bought the bundle of 4 webisodes and then there was nothing to download. I hear that they have fixed the problem but some people still do not have their accounts fixed yet but they have been given access to download.

Here's a big tip for the Sanctuary webmaster - get your website customer service sorted out real quickly or it will cost you customers. You need to have an easily found support service for your Shopping Cart and even if you cannot fix the problem immediately, you do need to at least acknowledge receipt of the problem. Common courtesy goes a very long way.

Overall, only minor teething problems for an otherwise excellent debut of my new favourite show. I'm looking forward to lots more in the ever expanding world of Sanctuary, my new reality.

Catch ya later,

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