Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

12 May 2007

SAT 12 - The New Reality approaches

I can't believe it, we're almost there!! Sanctuary premieres this Monday - W00t!!!! Yep, I'm a happy little vegemite.

Damian Kindler was interviewed on SciFi Talk in a podcast by Tony Tellado. The interview was quite long, 30 minutes, and very interesting as both Tony and Damian are very enthusiastic about all aspects of this new show. There are a few very slight spoilers but it is definitely worth listening to. For those of you with limited bandwidth there is a transcript of the interview at the Sanctuary thread on Gateworld forums or you can find it at the official fansite

I'm wondering how the Sanctuary bods are going to set up the pricing and downloading from the official site? I know quite a few people that do not have credit cards but do have PayPal accounts. Hopefully they will have a broad spectrum of payment possibilities to enable people all over the world to purchase the show. I'm also wondering which sites they will be distributing the free versions for distribution - YouTube and what others? It will be interesting to see the accompanying hit counters too.

I wonder if they'll have any "ratings" type info collected on their viewers to maybe help them target their audience? At least how many downloads per webisode per country type stuff. Enquiring minds would like to know :-)

Anyway starting at 00:01 Monday Vancouver time I'll be haunting their website and impatiently refreshing my screen, credit card in hand, until the first webisode makes an appearance. I hope their servers are set up to handle the traffic.

I'm doing a lot of wondering aren't I? and of course, waiting, waiting, waiting...

Catch ya later,

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