Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

29 May 2007

MON 28 - Sanctuary continues to Impress

(Yes, I know it's Tuesday and I'm late but it's all the other Trace's fault!! Next webisode day, we'll just plan this post for Tuesday not Monday)

I've just discovered my new Monday night relaxation, watching Sanctuary :-) Monday is the day of the week I hate, yep, me and Garfield. It's the day that rudely curtails my weekend and lately is also a very, very long work day.

I now have my schedule set, I don't care what happens at work, the latest I'm staying is 6pm, barring a huge traffic jam I should be home by 7.15pm. Get home, boot up the computer, put the kettle on, log in to the Sanctuary site and download my next webisode then go and make some dinner.

By the time dinner is ready so is my next webisode. Plonk myself down on the lounge with dinner and watch Sanctuary. Ahhhhhhh a great way to wind down!

I've changed my mind, I'll post this now and wait for RealmOfX to drag herself out of her sickbed to help finish our collaborative webisode synopsis. Gee RoX, just because you're busy transcribing and sick is Noooooooo reason you can't get your wheezey a*** online to help me :D (waits for retaliatory IM).

Anyway RoX and I have decided to collaborate to get a few writing endeavours completed and posted, it seems we are both incapable of doing it by ourselves! Luckily we have a similar writing style and we put this method to great use way back in our X-Files days. So stay tuned for more on Sanctuary and hope that my procrastination does not jinx the intentions.

Catch ya later,

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