Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

07 May 2007

MON 07 - Afterworld

I ran across this web series Afterworld the other day on YouTube and it caught my eye. Starting on May 14 a new episode will be released daily, each running approximately 2.5 minutes and apparently there are 130 in all.

"AFTERWORLD - A new web series about a man who wakes to find all technology dead and the human race missing.....

Follow Russell Shoemaker's harrowing 3000-mile journey home to Seattle from New York in hopes of finding his wife and daughter still alive. His journey is one of survival as he encounters a society rebuilding itself in this post-apocalyptic world. Russell Shoemaker becomes a symbol of hope, a reluctant hero in search of what matters most. This is one man's odyssey of self-reliance, innovation and optimism."

What really caught my eye was the style of the show, very reminiscent of the 1960's show The Marvel Superheroes where there was limited animation. It was great to my young eyes back in the day, it brought to life the comic books I'd borrow from my uncle to read (mainly because they used the artwork from the comics). Afterworld, however, is done with a lot more style and slightly more animation and way better sound and much better graphics. So far they are up to episode 10 and I think I'll go give it another viewing to see if I really like it or not. AfterWorld caught my attention now let's see if it can keep it.

Hey everyone! It is just one more week until Sanctuary debuts on the internet. I can't wait!

The geek in me came across a few interesting things recently :

  1. A look at Europe's first commercially operating power station using solar power and steam. Check it out at BBC News
  2. eek! It's a giant spider. No, it's a rescue Bot!! Check it out at Electro Plankton
  3. A great gift idea - a digital photo keychain. It has a 1.4" LCD, 8MB of memory and can store up to 56 photos. Check it out at SkyMall

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AMAZING show!!! HIGHLY recommended to anyone!!