Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

25 May 2007

FRI 25 - Sanctuary heads to London MCM Expo

Well the weekend is here and that means that it is only a couple of days to the next Sanctuary webisode. Yippee!! The folks at Sanctuary have released a small preview which I have posted above, I can't wait for Monday!

The London Movie Comic Media Expo is on this weekend and Amanda Tapping and Damian Kindler will be there representing Sanctuary. They'll be available for autographs and discussions about Sanctuary. Apparently the Expo attendees will also get to see Webisode 2 of Sanctuary, lucky buggers. Slice of SciFi have an article about the Expo and Sanctuary.

I wish I could go but unfortunately it's just a tad too far for a weekend jaunt for me. There is also going to be a small contingent of Sanctuary fans attending so we should be getting various reports and pictures posted on the net sometime next week.

It's been a long week and so I'm gonna crash early tonight. Weeee party hard Friday - NOT. Then tomorrow I hope to catch up with the next episodes of Afterworld, even though I'm still peeved at their lousy distribution philosophy.

Catch ya later,

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