Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

17 May 2007

Who is Helen Magnus?

It looks like the Sanctuary people have got the bugs ironed out and people have their accounts fixed and their customer service is swinging into action. Good work people, it seems that as a problem arises someone is tasked with fixing it and it happens ASAP. Yesterday I made a comment on their customer service and today I had word that they are indeed contacting people with problems and solving them. Again good work.

Also they have released a better quality free version of Webisode 1 which I have linked to at the top of my blog. This is a definite improvement over the darker original one but I still recommend that you purchase the HD version to enjoy it to the fullest.

Sanctuary has caught my interest on many levels so I think I'll just work my way through them one by one.

Firstly, may I say that 17 minutes is not long enough! :-) I can however deal with it when I know there are more webisodes coming, unlike my cohort RealmOfX. RoX isn't the most patient of people and is having difficulty with the waiting. LOL Sunshine, off you go and start practising your patience, AGAIN and stop picking on my lousy grammar ;-)

So who is Helen Magnus? What makes her tick?

We were treated to a few glimpses of her in the first webisode of Sanctuary, which give us a few clues but many more questions. We first see Helen Magnus, as she confronts John Druitt in Victorian England in 1888.

It is obvious that she knows that Druitt is killing people and that she knows about his mysterious power. She is confident with a gun and confident in confronting him. She cares and she wants to help, emotions cross her face as she tries to talk him down but she is not deterred in her mission to stop him. Helen appears to accept John's seeming capitulation and relaxes minutely but as he kills Molly, Helen does not hesitate and shoots at him.

At this point in time, I think, Helen is in her late 30's, she is very confident, a doctor and can handle a gun. How long has she been involved with Sanctuary by now? She doesn't seem at all fazed by Druitt's apparent transdimensional jumping (that's what I'm calling it for now). I'm thinking that Helen must have been a fairly confident woman to actually become a doctor in those times but I am curious to see how her environment has shaped her and what basic qualities she has.

We next see Helen in the present day, hiding in an alley and watching while the police attend to a disturbance in an apartment block. When the shots and screams from the apartment are heard, we see Helen flinch and show her concern and agitation but she doesn't move out of the alley to help. Why? Because she knows she would not be able to help? Or because she wants to stay below the Police's radar? Is this her long years of experience with Sanctuary showing? Why was she there in the first place? Did she know there was trouble or was she tracking down rumours of a new "monster" and stumbled across the trouble?

Next time we seen Helen Magnus we jump to a brief hospital scene and we see Helen and a nurse observing from another room as Dr Will Zimmerman is talking to the suspected killer Larry Tolson. Helen and the nurse are quite at ease both with each other and with observing the questioning of a suspected killer. Helen Magnus is wearing a lab coat, is she a doctor at the hospital? She is obviously known to the nurse and has the authority to be there or they would not be observing and talking so easily together.

Helen enters the hospital morgue and the doctor there knows it is her without looking up, suggesting that they are extremely familiar with each other. They do not see the need to stop and talk but continue working while organising lunch together for the following week. Helen was obviously expected but is she a hospital employee or is she a consultant for special cases? And why is Helen working on the body with very little light and no mask / protective gear?

On to the final scene, Helen's first contact with Will. It is great to see the subtle nuances here as Helen gently prods Will to think in other directions and consider other possibilities. A ittle intellectual pushing and prodding with a touch of mystery and Helen leaves Will. I'm assuming she is hoping to get him to a point where he would be a candidate to introduce to Sanctuary.

So at the end of the first webisode we do not know who Helen Magnus is but we have been given some intriguing clues and many questions that I want answered. I am seriously looking forward to the next installment!!

Catch ya later,

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