Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

22 May 2007

TUE 22 - Another Sanctuary convert

I had one of my nieces over after university today and she watched Sanctuary and loved it! I think we have another Aussie customer, she was going home to check out the download limits of her ISP. I didn't watch it with her but I was listening to it as I finished off some paperwork and I found that I really enjoyed the sound track, both the music and the sound effects. I think that Ian Browne did a wonderful job on the music and Title Theme, very moody and fit well with the visuals.

Is it Monday yet? No? Rats!

I came across another article on Sanctuary at Softimage and they have some good shots of some graphics that I hadn't seen before, just click on the photos to enlarge. They also have a link, down at the bottom of the article, to a video interview of Ron Martin (Visual Effects Director) which I haven't seen before. It's about 7 minutes long and well worth viewing.

The geek in me came across a few interesting things recently :

  1. Shades of Fantastic Voyage! A new form of diode propulsion that could allow microrobots to explore human bodies has been discovered. Check it out at NewScientistTech
  2. Plasma shield may stun and disorientate enemies. Check it out at NewScientistTech
  3. Lease an Exoskeleton. Check it out at MedGadget

Catch ya later,

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