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12 June 2007

TUE 12 - Sanctuary Webisode 3 Review

Here be spoilers, if you haven't seen it yet then bye bye!!

WooHoo! Sanctuary Rocks!
Yes, I was thoroughly impressed with the 3rd webisode of Sanctuary. We got to see more of what makes Helen and Ashley tick. We got to find out how John Druitt's power works, we got to know and see the little boy Alexei some more AND we have been set up for a major confrontation in the next webisode!!!

I have one tiny niggly thing though, I saw my first bug with the green screen stuff. When Sasquatch and Will were in the room with Alexei and Sasquatch goes to leave, check out his right leg. You can see the chair leg and the join of the floor & wall through his leg. Oooops. No worries though because I continue to be impressed by other stuff like all those fantastic exterior shots of Sanctuary and Helen's cool toys ah work equipment down in the labs.

Last review I said I wanted to know more of why Helen chose Will to be her next protege and we were shown another occasion where he is able to get through to a person (Alexei) when other people cannot. Helen left Will to do his stuff while she continued her research but she kept tabs on his progress remotely and obviously by her "Magnificent" comment she thinks he will fit in nicely. By the way, so do I.

I loved the flashback to Victorian England to see Helen and John together before John's problems interfered with their relationship. Amanda Tapping said in an interview about Helen that she "is massively in love with him, they're desperately in love" so I'm expecting major emotional fallout from any confrontation they have in the present. Especially with a closing line from Helen of "Each of us has our worst fears to confront Dr Zimmerman. John Druitt is mine".

It was great to see a touch of the mother / daughter relationship with Helen and Ashley and I wonder how Ashley will react with her mother when the full ramifications of her parentage hit home. Speaking of parentage, Christopher Heyerdahl put in another brilliant and chilling performance as John Druitt. From his appearance at the arms exchange, through the fight and to the final chilling reveal that Ashley is his daughter was just rivetting. Emilie Ullerup was fantastic with her bravado and spunk with a touch of fear and confusion as Ashley is held captive by Druitt. I can't wait to see what John Druitt has in mind for when Helen arrives on the scene.

It was also great to see Peter DeLuise in front of the camera again with his cameo performance as Ernie the arms dealer. I didn't see him getting taken out like that, nor his semi recovery to raise the alarm. I want to know what was in that epi pen!

So 51 minutes into the pilot and I'm still loving it! I'm expecting the next webisode to be a real kicker, with emotional fireworks and a possible showdown. Rollon the 25th of June!!

Catch ya later,

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