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06 April 2007

FRI 06 - Easter is here again

Long time, no write :-) I had a lot of work to catch up on from my time off with my back and simply didn't have time to even look at my computer!!

Well Easter is here again and this year we decided to forgo the bought chocolate easter egg route and make our own sweets. So today was spent in the kitchen with Mum, my sisters and a couple of my nieces while we went through a tonne of sugar and chocolate. We made little chocolate easter eggs filled with marshmallow, chocolates (some filled, some not), chocolate crackles, peanut brittle, nougat and honeycomb. NO! We aren't gutses! There will be about 25 of us at the Sunday Easter family gathering!

My absolute favourite is a chocolate made with dark chocolate (72%) and filled with a craisin (dried cranberry) surrounded by a lush apricot brandy fondant. MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm. Closely followed by a milk chocolate filled with a hazelnut surrounded by coffee fondant. We had an absolute ball in the kitchen, we haven't gotten together like this to cook in absolutely ages. It's a lot more fun (and cheaper) than buying eggs for the family.

On the TV front, whilst I was out of action with my back I watched a lot of DVD's (I'm a member of QuickFlix) and I got around to watching the first season of Bones and found that I really liked it. I guess I'll have to keep my eye out for when it's on TV now.

I also started rewatching my Stargate SG-1 DVD's and I'm near the end of S4. I'll see if I can fit some more eps in this weekend as I love the early stuff. My DVD collection ends at S8 though as I don't consider S9 & S10 worth forking money out for - pfffft!!

No word yet on how filming went in the Arctic for the Stargate crew for the second movie but I'm sure we'll get some tidbits sooner or later.

On the space front, the International Space Station (ISS) is due for a crew change with some members of Expedition 15 launching on April 7. It will be a Russian launch this time and if I can make myself wake up in the early AM then I'll watch the launch on NASA TV. Yes, I still watch launches when I have the chance. I've never gotten over the kid like excitement and hope I never will.

The geek in me came across a few interesting things recently :

Today we have three images from the NASA Image of the day.
  1. Light Echoes From a Red Supergiant
  2. The Egg Nebula
  3. White Dwarf Star Spiral

Catch ya later,

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