Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

23 April 2007

MON 23 - Sanctuary Premiere

G'day, I'm back in the land of the living - well sort of. What I thought was just a bad chest cold just kept getting worse until I finally went to the doctor and he put me in hospital. It was pneumonia! I escaped today but my breathing is still shot and I'm confined to home for at least a week.

Now on with the Sanctuary news.

  1. W00T !! Sanctuary starts on 14th MAY! I can't wait!
  2. Sanctuary is on the convention trail. Amanda Tapping, Damian Kindler and Paul McGillion will be appearing at the London Expo May 26-27.
  3. Damian Kindler continues with his introduction of the stars of Sanctuary on his blog. This time we get to learn more about Chris Heyerdahl
  4. The Sliceof SciFi podcast #105 had a great interview with Martin Wood about Sanctuary. RealmOfX did a transcript for the interview and you can find it on GateWorld or at, but if you have the time then go and listen to the entire podcast because I have become a fan of theirs and listen every week, it's well worth the time.
  5. also had an exclusive chat with Marc Aubanel, director of Stage 3 Media, about Sanctuary
  6. Leah Cairns was interviewed recently by The SciFi World and they cover a little bit about her role in the Sanctuary pilot and future episodes.

Catch ya later,

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