Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

24 April 2007

TUE 24 - X-Files Movie in Development

YAY after more rumours several weeks ago, it's been confirmed by Frank Spotnitz on his blog that a script is in development. Let's hope that the project gets a go ahead, I miss Mulder & Scully.

Before I got shipped off to hospital I actually got around to going to the cinema to see 300. All I can say is WOW and turn the bloody sound down!!!! What is it these days with movies and sound levels? In certain patches of the movie the speech was quiet and so the kids that run the theatres these days seemed to have the sound level set high so people could hear these quiet passages. Unfortunately that left the majority of the movie way too loud and I came out with my ears ringing (though I must admit I was under the weather at the time).

OK whinge over, so apart from the sound, the movie was just great visually. Though I will admit there were one or two gory bits that I closed my eyes for (yeah, yeah I know I'm a wimp. I just can't stand graphic violence as I have a very vivid imagination and the nightmares aren't worth it. Horror movies are just sooooo NOT on my viewing list). I really loved how the movie was shot, the whole thing had a very graphic novel kind of look to it (I love my comic books). Actually my nephew has the comic they made and said it is very close to the movie so I think I'll have to borrow it off him and have a squiz at it.

The geek in me came across a few interesting things recently :

  1. Holodecks here we come! OK, so not anywhere in the near future but they are developing some extremely good free floating 3D images. Check it out at Slice of SciFi
  2. A graphic equalizer on your t-shirt? What will they think of next? Check it out at PopGadget
  3. Another way cool hybrid concept car but this one might actually make it into production. Check it out at Gizmodo

Catch ya later,

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