Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

28 April 2007

SAT 28 - In Countdown Mode

The Sanctuary premiere is getting closer all the time, next Monday it will be two short weeks away!! Also do not forget that next Monday the 5 minute preview is released and will be available to view or download from the Sanctuary website.

I am really looking forward to this, I can't wait to see Amanda Tapping in a new role. I'm dying to see in more detail how good the visual effects are. I can't wait to see what kind of story Damian Kindler has started to weave in his new playground. Gee, I feel like a little kid with Christmas fast approaching!!

I picked up my copy of Happy Feet Thursday night and spent all day on Friday sacked out on the couch watching movies. I'm a sucker for animated movies and Happy Feet is one of the few that I actually have bought on DVD. Those baby penguins were just so damn cute! I loved the music and I thought that the movie was wasted on kids, definitely a lot of adult jokes in there.

Being an Aussie I loved having familiar voices turn up, not only Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman who I knew were in it but the delightful Miss Viola was performed by Magda Szubanski who I immediately recognised! And then there were the ocker Elephant Seals (Trev, Nev, Kev & Barry ) with Trev being performed by the late Steve Irwin.

One of my favourite parts is Mumbles being chased by the hungry seal. Lots of tense moments and then right at the end with the jump back onto the ice we go from super serious to super wise cracking with The Amigos lead by Ramon and the wonderful talent of Robin Williams. Hmmm it's another rainy day and I'm still not feeling well so I might just put Happy Feet on again!!

The geek in me came across a few interesting things recently :

  1. Here's a waterproof digital wrist camera for the adventurers amongst us. Check it out at ThinkGeek
  2. Bionic arms should be available by 2009 with the early delivery of a ground breaking prototype from the Johns Hopkins international team. Check it out at MedGadget

  3. Here's a cool photo of Saturn from the Hubble Telescope. Check it out at NASA

Catch ya later,

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