Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

25 April 2007

WED 25 - Babylon 5: The Lost Tales Release Announced

31st July, 2007 is the day people. YAY! Now all I want to know is the release dates for Region 4! Check out the release information here. I've been really wanting to see this for a long time, I hope I haven't got my expectations raised too high.

Some more news on the Sanctuary front. There will be a 5 minute sneak preview released on 30th April and will contain exclusive scenes from webisode 1 and 2. So everyone head on over to the Sanctuary website next Monday for the preview. Then it will be a short two weeks to the premiere! Oh yeah, they've tweaked their website a bit and you no longer need to login to view the site, it is only required for the forum now.

Also Damian Kindler posted on his blog with the above news that the webisodes will be released every few weeks and after each release then a new area of the website will be opened up for fans to play in. They are using actual 3-D rendered environments from the show itself. That sounds so cool!

The geek in me came across a few interesting things recently :

  1. An hour glass watch? This is something different, I wonder if they'll ever get it into production? Check it out at Coolest Gadgets
  2. NASA Glenn Research Center is to Test Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle Check it out at NASA and Orion Crew Vehicle

  3. I WANT ONE!! Hey look, it's a mini R2D2 with a lightsabre remote! Check it out at ThinkGeek

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