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05 March 2007

MON 05 - I Hate Mondays

Yup the orange cat has it figured out right. Hide under a blanket till Monday has passed into Tuesday!! Actually I really do not like Mondays because I just get decompressed from the previous week and then it's back to the Rat Race. Methinks I should look at either early retirement (I wish) or find a less stressing job or find a miraculous way to dispose of days like today when NOTHING goes right.

Oh and to top it all off I get home and find out that the forums have imploded in certain areas over the latest character to be snuffed out. BAH!! I really don't like how it appears to be the "in thing" to kill off characters. Realism or not. If I want realism there is always the daily World News. It's a good thing I'm not really in to Battlestar Galactica but I do watch it and occasionallly think it's great then it'll go off in a new direction and I'll go Meh!

Do you like my new Sanctuary banner that Trace (NO the OTHER Trace) made for me? I figured that I'd be talking about it a lot, because it definitely has caught my interest, so I might as well have a banner on my blog. Hey, I'm running out of shows to watch which is another reason I'm looking forward to the premier of Sanctuary soon. I stopped watching Stargate SG-1 mid season 9 because of the childish dribble they are producing these days. Yeah, go on throw your own canon out the window and destroy your viewership and then blame everyone except yourselves for changing the show! I hope the taint doesn't cross over to Atlantis now.

Atlantis, yikes another show that kills off characters for pretty much no reason. Maybe Season 4 will be better with new show runners. Then again maybe not with the duo showrunning being responsible for some real stinker episodes in the last two years. Though I will give them a chance, it's their first time show running and apparently they actually had a script walk through and are planning to have carry through ideas if not arcs through the season. Good if they do it right.

I prefer complex stories and characters that are quite lengthy so I really enjoy shows like Babylon 5 but I figure it would be more appealing to a wider audience if you have arc episodes and standalones as well. More of a middle ground. I absolutely detest shows that hit the reset button after every episode!!

Maybe Atlantis will lose the reset button, I hope so because it needs something because it never seemed to fill the promise of the first season. They seemed to lose their direction in season 2 and started adding a little more character wise in season 3. Overall though after three seasons their characters aren't really fleshed out and that is a sad indictment on the writers. Oh well, let's hope the cast shake up and the "start over" does wonders for the show otherwise season 4 will be the last.

Let's hope that they learnt from their mistakes with Stargate SG-1. Stuntcasting does nothing if you have weak characters and weak plots. Do not sacrifice your characters for stupid plot points. It's just cheap and nasty writing.

Yep, not in a good mood today. Oh well, I may as well go get some dinner and then watch Battlestar. It sure can't make my mood any worse!

The geek in me came across a few interesting things recently :

  1. A blast from the past. First Launch from Cape Canaveral. Check it out at NASA
  2. A cool underwater boat - a personal dry submersible operates to 50 metres. Check it out at U-boatWorx
  3. Fill in interesting item when you stumble across it

Catch ya later,

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