Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

11 March 2007

SUN 11 - Babylon 5: The Lost Tales

Want some info on the making of The Lost Tales? Then head on over to the CG Society for a series of feature articles on the the newest addition to the Babylon 5 story. Some great behind the scenes stuff here, is it July yet??

Now on a totally different subject but still out in space - New Mexico has tabled a House Joint Memorial declaring Pluto a planet and declaring March 13, 2007 "Pluto Planet Day" at the legislature. Go have a squiz at it here

The geek in me came across a few interesting things recently :

1 A real Tricorder?? Check it out at Gizmodo
2 A slim CRT - YAY this brings hope for people like me that get a headache if I watch LCD screen too long. Now I have an 80cm widescreen TV made about 8 years ago and it takes 3 people to lift it!! Check it out at CrunchGear
3 Intel to Sample Phase Change Memory This Year. Check it out at DailyTech

Catch ya later,

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