Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

01 March 2007

Surprise!! Behind Schedule DOH!

I am actually planning on writing about a brave new show but time got away from me today so I'll delay that until tomorrow. In the meantime has anyone seen Happy Feet? I just saw it for the second time and I absolutely adore the dancing and the music! So far this year it is the only DVD that is on my 'must get as soon as released' list.

The geek in me came across a few interesting things recently :

  1. They roll the space shuttle out onto the launch pad and what happens? A hail storm! Oooops, well that's gonna delay the next launch. Check it out at NASA
  2. All Delorian jokes aside, this sounds promising. Clean garbage disposal that creates possible fuel!! Check it out at Plasma Converter
  3. How cool is this? Make submarines go faster (obviously chucking stealth for speed)!! Check it out at Underwater Express Submarine

Catch ya later,


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