Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

22 March 2007

THU 22 - Laid up

Doh! I pulled a muscle in my back and I won't be posting again till I get the muscle spasming under control. Painkillers and muscle relaxants make for one not so coherent Trace :-(

On the Sanctuary front, I hear that things are delayed but they have started beta testing. Hey!! Some of the people that were told they were beta testers weren't included. Lucky I'm laid up or I could have been majorly bummed out about that. No worries, they're making a lot of progress and I'm real happy they are including the fans along the way.

Did you hear that Amanda Tapping, Richard Dean Anderson and Ben Browder are heading up north to the APLIS station for 6 days filming for the second Stargate movie Continuum? That close to the north pole they have be real careful of the temperature and polar bears!!!! Good luck people, have a good shoot and come back safe and sound with lots of stories and photos to share!!

Catch ya later,

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Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better! I'm enjoying your blog. Like the cool toy links as well!