Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

14 March 2007

WED 14 - Behind the Scenes of Sanctuary

Want to get a closer look at the cool stuff they are doing to produce the new internet sci fi series Sanctuary? Last night in Canada on the Daily Planet show they did a six minute segment on Sanctuary. Here it is - go watch it!

They used some really cool sequences from the show which I think may be a part of the new two minute trailer that is due out sometime this week. We got a good look at the cameras and computers and got to see them shooting some scenes. This is WAY COOL!!

So we have a new trailer to look forward to this week and I'm wondering how soon the beta testing starts because I'm one of the lucky people!!!!! Then in May we actually get to see this show - I really can't wait!

On another front the long running show Stargate: SG-1 aired it's final episode in England last night. I wasn't going to watch it, having become seriously disillusioned with the puerile garbage churned out in season 9, but then I thought maybe they would do something special for a change. Yeah right!! I want those 42 minutes back! If I can manage to stay calm and polite then I may, in the future, write about How to Kill a Successful Show.

Even MORE SANCTUARY news - the Slice of SciFi podcast just went up so I'm off to listen to it. I'll have more details for you tomorrow.

The geek in me came across a few interesting things recently :

  1. Automatic satellite docking, repair and resupply. Orbital Express was launched last Thursday into space on a three month testing mission. Check it out at NASA and NewScientistSpace
  2. Hey guys how about you start simple and just make an eBook reader?? That screen definitely makes my Franklin eBookMan screen pale in comparison. Check it out at Positron project blueChute
  3. A hunter/killer robot. See what Israel has been developing. Check it out at Yahoo! News

Catch ya later,