Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

28 March 2007

WED 28 - New Sanctuary website is LIVE !!

OK people for those of you hanging out for the new Sanctuary trailer RUN NOW over to and say WOW with me :-)

You'll need to log in.

Well I'm online again and all I can say is Thank God for Mum's, my mother decided she didn't like the way I sounded when she talked to me last Thursday so she wandered over to my place to check on me. Thank you Mum!! I was in a bad way with my back, so she just moved in with me for a few days until I got over the whole muscle spasming bit. I can't believe how incapacitating it is to pull one lousy muscle in your back!!

All rightey then, I'm off to play with the Sanctuary site for a while, I'll be back later.

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