Sanctuary Preview Webisode 7

18 March 2007

SUN 18 - Waiting, Waiting, Waiting for the new trailer

Not much today I'm afraid, though I am checking the Sanctuary site hourly (pathetic, I know) to see if the new trailer is available yet.

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting ....

I updated the Sanctuary summary with a couple of things we learned this week from various sources. I think I'll keep it updated until one of the official sites gets something up and running. See the blog entry for 10th March.

Check out Gizmodo's RIAA Boycott, I'll be interested to see if they get anywhere with it. The RIAA and their bully tactics seem to be cruising for a bruising. There's got to be a better way than this stupid DRM approach, one that is fair to all parties. Yeah, I'm a bit of a dreamer at times!!

The geek in me came across a few interesting things recently :

  1. Squirrels getting into your birdfeeder? Then you need Twirl-a-Squirrel !! Check it out at Gizmodo
  2. Cassini Spacecraft Images Seas on Saturn's Moon Titan. Check it out at NASA
  3. This is worth it for just the Tardis plans :-) Though having spent my teen years in the 70's playing various games starting with Pong I do appreciate the MAME console and games. Check it out at Asciimation
  4. Sadly, I do remember a time when there was no such thing as computer games.

Catch ya later,

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